Advantages Of Adaptive Learning

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How Adaptive Learning Help Managers and Employees Adaptive learning or personalized learning is a strategy in teaching that involves the delivery of content and assessment in a manner tailored to a student’s requirements and abilities. Universities and schools use it through individual tutoring, ability-level grouping and enrichment assignments. Yet, adaptive learning is not always feasible in corporate setting. There is no single approach in teaching because learners have different needs. For instance, a bright student learns fast so he does not need more time to learn. Yet, a slow learner needs more time for review for him to assimilate the lesson. In “The Little Schoolhouse” in Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates, an award-winning American author…show more content…
Yet, online technology can reach out to all learners. Initial attempts to computerize adaptive learning were oversimplified. The computer program branched in one direction, depending on the learner’s response to the question. More often, this type of program focused on the correctness of the learner’s response and not on the reason why the learner opted for the response. Yet, it is too traditional. In “Advantages of Adaptive Learning Technology”, present-day technology can personalize content to make learning effective and seamless. A company with a simple setup can prepare a self-directed online course for its learners. Furthermore, it can also ask learners to view videos, listen to podcasts, or participate in simulations or games to realize a common learning objective. Important Benefits of Technology-Based Adapting Learning • Personalized education based on the level and progress rate of the…show more content…
A company can have different employees. As such, it is impossible to have a one-approach solution to cater to the aptitude and style of learning of every employee. Adaptive learning about a topic can be in hands-on, video, audio, and text formats. Learners can select the format that appeals to them. • Technology challenges the employees. Employees are tech-savvy nowadays. They can understand online instruction. Furthermore, they decide to remain engaged with it. Adaptive learning responds to the progress of each learner in real time. As such, learners become engrossed so they decide to continue learning. For them, technology-based adaptive learning is not boring, irrelevant, or repetitive. Moreover, learners can take their time with topics that they do not understand. There is no pressure for them to advance to the next topics quickly. • Learners are in charge of their experience. Previously, technology-based learning consisted of long videos or courses, consisting of 30-minute or 1-hour long sessions. At present, learners prefer to control their learning experience by deciding how much time to allot per session. Thus, content must come in different formats. It can be in the form of 3-minute to 5-minute animations and videos, aside from the text-based

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