Romeo And Juliet Free Will Analysis

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Being famously known for it's shocking ending, or rather the greatest love story written of all time. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, tells the tale of tragic love. Within just 3 days Romeo and Juliet fall madly in love, eventually coming every so close to their demise every line. William Shakespeare clearly makes the reason for the unfortunate ending distinguishable. Shakespeare reveals this by the behavior in which Romeo and Juliet executes their issues. The main characters young minds significantly impact and have strongly affected the brains Actions such as amygdala, as well as free will, and gestures toward loved ones. The brain of most teenagers can cause questionable decisions, specifically that of Romeo and…show more content…
Although free will is the ability to make a decision based on the event, he/she is going through. Making a decision that you are able to choose the behavior you approach that problem with. But Romeo and Juliet are not able to choose the behavior they act out? Yes, but they are able to choose from what they do with that behavior. For example, commit a good deed, do harm, or even commit a crime. Or can they? This free will starts off with emotions, and if they(emotions) are to strong, they can affect the outcome or action in which the individual commits. Around the climax of the tragic love story, Romeo murders Tybalt. By this point Tybalt is Romeo’s cousin, and Juliet and Romeo are married. This is a perfect example of free will. Shakespeare quotes, “ “.(. . . ) Romeo at this point in the play is making his own decision of killing Tybalt. Previously Tybalt had stabbed and killed mercutio, good friend of Romeo. This action is an example of the young teenage non developed brain, making bad decisions. After Tybalt had killed mercutio, Romeo at was infuriated. With this sudden change in emotion, Romeo has smoke ejecting from his ears. As a result it affects his free will. In this case it’s a crime as he kills his cousin. These emotions tamper with his actions because killing is not in Romeo’s mentality, thus this explain his callow brain. Supposing my clincher was unsatisfactory in persuasiveness, Juliet demonstrates free will in a more extreme matter. From when Romeo is Exiled and Juliet is forced to marry an older man, whomes name is Paris. Juliet quickly goes to friar Lawrence for advice. Which is a good use of free will when being under a sad or panicked emotional level. Only this choice is considered good compared to the other option she has next. Juliet pulls out a knife and practically states, if you don’t have any good ideas I’m going

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