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When researching graduate programs, beyond USC standing out from others due to the widely respected reputation, the School of Social Work’s mission spoke to me. Since starting my education after high school in 1991 in Behavioral Science and still now as I further my education as a mature adult, improving the well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities, while standing up for social and economic justice is something I strive for in both my personal and professional life. I was raised by parents who taught me everyone was equal regardless of skin color, religion or who they love. My parents had inmates over to our house for Christmas dinner that were soon to be released but whose family had abandoned them. My own mother suffered horrible…show more content…
I am a mature student returning to college after many years. When I discovered USC had the only MSW program online that offered a sub concentration in military social work, I knew I had to do everything in my power to gain admission into the program. My husband was shot by a sniper in Iraq, in the head, and was not supposed to even live, yet he made it. He has a severe traumatic brain injury and was missing half of his skull for quite some time, he runs into things and calls shirts pants (word listing) experiences survivors guilt, has speech and balance deficits and suffers from depression and PTSD… I know what it is like to be misunderstood and judged. For these reasons and many more, I have a deep sense of empathy. I stand by the code of ethics and will continue to practice them throughout my studies and into my internship and future career. I have a massive passion to work with the military/veteran population and their families. As a military spouse and one who has been through the red tape of system for the past 10 years post active duty, I feel a great sense of duty to further my knowledge and better my skills to make me the best Social Worker I can be to continue to provide assistance to those who have sacrificed so much. The stigma that those who suffer from PTSD are “crazy” and dangerous must be eradicated, in addition, the public and those who may be enduring symptoms silently need to be educated…show more content…
Case Management, vocational educational counseling, discharge planning and comprehensive evaluation and assessment including learning and completing group notes within the software program Credo has in place. I have also had the opportunity to gain experience from the newly opened Mental Health Clinic at Credo, where I have been welcomed to sit in and participate with a marriage and family therapist during counseling sessions, in addition to a LCMW during her individual sessions with clients. In the coming weeks I will be attending a weekly mental health group therapy session with the goal to become the

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