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In many metropolitan areas in the world there is a growing problem of increasing traffic congestion. Increasing congestion leads to cars not running efficiently which causes increasing air pollution because of extra CO2 emissions, rise in fuel use and the most important factor that is affected by car congestion is the increase in travel time. Congestion during peak demand occurs when the demand of transport exceeds the transport supply/capacity at a specific point and place in time. At this moment in time each car impairs the mobility of other persons also wanting to use the available supply of transport. The growing increase in car congestion can be explained by the substantial increase in car ownership that occurred in the last twenty years.…show more content…
Usually these pre-arranged carpooling trips occur between colleagues or neighbours for travelling between home and the work place. Traditional ride sharing or carpooling was rather popular in the 1980 and the beginning of 1990 in the United States, but ever since it has been decreasing (Levofsky & Greenberg, 2001). These traditional carpooling travels have various limitations which lead to low flexibility, all participants have to be able to start and end their work day around the same time, they have to live or work close to each other and it also restrains extra activities after the working time. All these examples have to be stable for this system of carpooling to work in…show more content…
Ride sharing will reduce the total car demand for the limited road capacity available and thereby ride sharing increases the efficiency of the road and decrease the time spend in traffic which will help reducing CO2 emissions and decrease the amount of time spend per person on travelling which could have been spend on leisure or work. Dynamic ride sharing is in most cases faster and more flexible than public transport because the ease and speed of obtaining a ride and ride sharing is also

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