The Sanchez Family Case Analysis

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The Sanchez family is a case that would keep any social worker occupied with the complex needs for the different members. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics is a guideline that ensures that all the necessary efforts are practiced by social worker. According to the NASW, a social workers priority is to enhance the individual’s well-being by providing the assistance towards addressing their client’s problems (p.1). Two social work standards that pertain to the understanding of the services provided to the Sanchez family are 1.04 Competence and 2.06 Referral for Services. The two codes described are relevant to this case to ensure that the Sanchez family members are getting the services needed ethically according…show more content…
In regards to the Sanchez case, the two standards in the NASW Code of Ethics applied to this case are 1.04 Competence and 2.06 Referral for Services. Ultimately, both codes work together to ensure this social worker is practicing her ethical duty when providing services and allocating resources for the Sanchez…show more content…
In regards to Hector Sanchez, this social worker has a duty to locate community health agencies that assists indignant people with primary health care and can assist with connecting him with affordable insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As a result, Hector can see himself managing his High Blood Pressure and Diabetes and would be able to allocate affordable insurance for him and the family. Also, in regards to Vicki, the autistic daughter of the family, she is in need of an intervention to help her gain independence from Celia. Being unfamiliar with the needs of Vicki, working with this population for the first time, a referral out for the services provides a professional that specializes with her population. By referring her to an agency that helps with the care, and setting her up with a school social worker that can connect her with an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program. Assistance with connection to an ESE program will allow Vicki to interact with other students and gain the appropriate socialization skills for her age. As a result, Vicki will eventually become independent from Celia and once she graduates she can then work with a Vocational Rehabilitation to assist her with

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