Social Work Reflection Paper

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When I first began my undergraduate career at George Mason University, I thought I wanted to be a teacher. I could think back to my time in high school and pinpoint teachers who had a real connection with their students. These were teachers who would go out of their way to let students talk about their personal lives with them and give support and advice, and I wanted to be that for someone. I think that this led me down the path of social work. I did not feel so connected to the actual teaching aspect, but to the idea of being someone that people can come to and being a source of support. As a first-generation college student, I had a difficult time adjusting in the beginning. My grades during my freshman year were not where I wanted them to be, and I felt like I had been slapped in the face with independence. All of a sudden, I was 3 hours away from my family. I was the one making all of my own decisions. As it does with many others, this affected the academic aspect of my life. Additionally, once I started classes I realized I no longer wanted to be a teacher. This meant I was taking a lot of general courses that I did not have a lot of interest in. When I found social work, all of this changed. I…show more content…
This made transitioning into the social work major quite easy for me. I thoroughly enjoy getting to work with people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and ideals than me. I have found my time in social work to be a great learning experience. Getting to know my clients has broadened my horizons and educated me about experiences that I have personally never had. I am eager to have the opportunity to do even more good in the world of social work. I intend to go on to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker after attaining my Master’s degree. I feel that being a clinician will provide me with the opportunity to be the support that I have wanted to be for others, especially with my unique experience in geriatric mental
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