Reflection In Social Work

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For the interview we each had to come up with 5 questions, with the knowledge not all can be asked or answered within the previously researched areas that were allocated from the Subject Learning Guide. We would share our questions on Facebook so that we could critique each other’s questions and make sure they were of quality. We planned the interview around our social workers availability meaning only Freya, Tess and I could make it. The process of the interview started out timid but we warmed up to each other and it became an informal discussion promoted by questions. With our social workers permission we record the audio of our meeting onto Tess’s phone, which she then shared to the group privately over Facebook. I believe the interview…show more content…
Thus we had to use other sources such as government publications to complement our information of Eastern Health to expand it into more useful information. These research finding and obstacles did help in my understanding of organisations in how they can be difficult to work with and how you need to be creative to achieve such a goal. In the interview we discovered much new information such as the strong focus on the bio-medical model and the slow shift into the social model of health with a focus of recovery. Other interesting information was the strict hierarchies, culture of medicalisation, and the high demand on the limited amount of resources causing a heavy discharge and repeat stay reality. The decision making processes were very authority based, without much front line consultation despite being within walking distance from the front line workers, such as the nursing director’s office being next to the psychiatric unit. The advocacy role of social workers within the unit was very prominent, practically involuntary patients and medical treatments, as doctors and psychiatrists are more likely to use the bio-medical model and the heavy amount of assumptions professionals would make without talking with patients. Our social worker also discussed the usefulness of the new mental health act in more effectively working with
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