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Diploma in Sport Sciences (DS) Name and Surname Student number Worldview Karin-Marí Dötze 25419234 My worldview is green (Equality and Unity). All of us are equals, no matter what our race. Everyone should be treated the same. The Lord didn’t make anyone better than the other. If we all can work together as a unit we can accomplish so much more and gain more success. Quintin Dreyer 25174398 I have a Christian worldview. My values and morals are important to me. And I believe that we can reach out to the teenagers and change their way of thinking about teenage pregnancies. We can also teach them about the consequences of their decisions. Our role in the team would be to make sure that teenagers receive enough physical exercise, at least once…show more content…
After the pregnancy we can help the girl to lose the extra fat that she gained during pregnancy. BSc Psychology and Mathematics Name and Surname Student number Worldview Daleen Dreyer 24932809 My world view is a mix of blue and green. I have a Christian world view, I am a Christian and I grew up in a Christian household. I care for people and I see the world as black and white, a thing is either right or wrong. There is no in between for me. As psychology in the field of teenage pregnancies it is our responsibility to support the teenage throughout her time of pregnancy. We have to see to it that all kinds of denial or guilt is dealt with and that the teenager has a well organised and available support system. We have to help her walk through the pregnancy and the responsibility that it is going to have with it. We also have to help with the emotional toll it is going to take for example she is going to have to learn to ignore what other people say about her. Bachelor Degree in Social Work Name and Surname Student number…show more content…
I will, for example, go and talk to teenagers who are already expecting and discuss possible solutions with them about what they can do after their pregnancy period is over since most teenagers who are pregnant go for abortions. Therefore, I will discuss alternative solutions with them, for example, adoption as well as the emotional impact that abortions have. I would, however, also have to open the floor to the conversation regarding abortion and where they could go if it is the only option. My role is to be an informant about the emotional implications associated with teenage pregnancies and the possible options that are available with

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