A Comparative Analysis Of Coca Cola And Coca-Cola

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Introduction As one of the world’s largest beverage company, Coca-Cola is the leading soft drink producer and marketer. Coca-Cola is also the world’s largest producer and distributor of syrups and concentrates for soft drink, it continues to rise up to the challenge and continuously explore for new markets to increase its market share and enhance its presence worldwide. 75% of the corporate sales volume accounted for Coca Cola, the others consists of other famous beverage brand such as Sprite, Fanta, Fresca and many more. By year 2013, Coca-Cola’s products were sold in over 200 countries around the globe, with the consumer rate of more than 1.8 billion beverage servings per day and the rate showed no sign of slowing down. Coca-Cola has introduced…show more content…
The two brand has been locked horn since the late 19th century. Coca-Cola and Pepsi shared the same similarities in ingredients of their star product, which is Coke and Pepsi. Both company also shared the non-soda market with product such as orange juice and bottled drink. The rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi is intense, from product development to marketing campaign. According to Bhasin.K (2011), Coca-Cola leading with market share 41.9% while Pepsi only 29.9%. (Check out Pepsi latest Coke-bashing Ad Campaign) Coco-Cola are still leading the market in terms of sales performance and brand awareness, but with rival brand like Pepsi breathing under their neck, showed the competitive force in this industry are…show more content…
Carbonated drink is not a necessity for most of the consumer, with the exception of addicted consumer. Consumer can choose to drink tea or coffee instead of Coke, plus there’s a lot of different beverage on the market that consumer can choose. Decision of consumers are against Coca-Cola as their main product are deemed as beverage which ‘not really good’ for health. The switching cost are very low, people who concern about their health can choose to drink mineral water instead of a can of Coke. According to Wallop.H (2015), the Peter Lawrie ‘Coke addiction’ case surfaced on mass media which lead to people questioning is the ingredient makes consumer addictive to Coke. (The Telegraph) Although the threat of substitute product is great, throughout the year Coca-Cola has been invested a lot in their marketing campaign and their product development, which create a strong fans base around the globe. The possibility of replacing the well-known carbonated beverage brand in near future is quite

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