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Remodeling Jewellery- Bring Jewellery Back to Life Being a lady one cannot live without Jewellery. Thus, being gifted with Jewellery is quite common for ladies. But, with time, trends change and the once cherished Jewellery becomes an unwanted piece in your Jewellery box. Jewellery with Memories You might be having a diamond ring your mother or grandmother gave you. More than it's material value you value it for the love and memories you have of her. With time the design is out fashioned and your friends often remark on your wearing it as it looks old. Whenever that ring comes to your view, at the back of your mind a thought comes- why not sell it? That is a possible way of getting rid of old Jewellery, but can you sell the love and memories as well? Do remember even if you do sell it, you won't get the…show more content…
You can remodel any out dated Jewellery. Maybe you have a ruby necklace but the design is not in fashion. No problem just bring it over at GN Jewellers and get a new remodelled ruby necklace with the same rubies. Your Jewellery is broken, remodel and wear it again. Giant Step Everyone has Jewellery that is old and the thought of selling it is obvious. Some lucky ones think of remodeling and take the giant step of coming to us and get remodeled Jewellery. At times it doesn't even have to be a cherished Jewellery. It can be some diamond earrings you purchased a few years back. Now the design looks boring. Be it any Jewellery, it is not meant to be kept in a box. It should be worn so it can be admired. Your Choice It's a fact, some love wearing earrings while some like wearing drops. Some like necklaces. Be clear on what you want. Type of Gold As you know gold comes in two colors- white and yellow. Some like only one type while some prefer to combine

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