Impact Of Transparency In Marketing

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Abstract Advertising is no longer a one way communication path. We live in the age of “Transparent marketing” where companies are expected to be transparent, open and honest about their products and processes because one way or the other, the consumers are going to know about the reality of things from internet or any other social media channel. Applying transparency in marketing has a positive effect on sales of MNC’s. The basic aim of this research is to find out what will be the effects of transparent marketing in Pakistan and the factors that are making consumers more empower. Research Statement Since the advent of internet consumers are now more empowered in reviewing the products and having wide range of alternatives available to them.…show more content…
Thus this part starts with the idea generated and the contribution follows. The general idea from the literature review is that there is a relationship between transparency and consumer buying behavior. Consumer: Consumer empowerment consists of two broad elements which interact to create the conditions for consumers to thrive. Firstly, the resources consumers have at their disposal to make better choices. This includes a certain state of mind (confidence and willingness to play an active role), decision-making tools such as good information, and the skills to use these tools to make effective decisions that secure positive outcomes. Secondly, the institutions – for example, the competition regime, consumer protections and regulatory organisations – that support consumers to shape markets. Transparency: Transparency which has been mentioned in our literature review means being open about your business is a great way to gain people’s trust and loyalty. By sharing problems you may be facing, or by sharing your financial numbers (whether they are good or bad) will help you build a larger…show more content…
It is a structure or framework to guide data collection and analysis. It consists of the purpose of study, extent of researcher interference, study settings, research strategies, unit of analysis, time horizon. Design of Study: The study used in this research will be the causal study as we are going to study the effects of Consumer empowerment on buying decisions with transparency in marketing as a moderator, which means it’s a cause and effect study, to establish causal relationship between independent and dependent variables where independent variables will be manipulated while all other variables are held constant. Study Setting: Causal studies are done in Contrived Setting. But the location (study setting) of our study will be field experiment, it is a study which is done to establish cause and affect relationships using the natural environment in which the subject under study would be the consumers. Extent of Researcher Interference: It is the extent to which the study is manipulated and controlled by the researcher. In this research the extent of researcher interference will be minimal which means that the events will be studies as they normally occur. Research Strategies: Our research strategies will be, • Interviews • Questionnaires Unit of

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