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Throughout the past ten years, social media has increasingly become a phenomenon all over the world. In the United States alone, 81% of the population owns some sort of social media account (“Percentage of U.S. population”). With this increasing number, social media has reached an extremely large audience in which resulted in a melting pot of diverse discussions on daily topics. Due to this large audience, one must be extremely cautious about what they share online. These platforms have become a useful tool to where it can create real-life consequences if used in an inefficient way. To use social media on these platforms in an effective and responsible one must professionally voice their opinions using different methods and prevent the amount…show more content…
Due to these popular celebrities having the courage to reveal these sexual harassment stories, it changed many victim’s opinions about hiding this damaging secret. According to Nadia Khomami, a writer for The Guardian, she stated that on Facebook alone, “within 24 hours, 4.7 million people around the world engaged in the #metoo conversation.” By revealing the horrors of this crime and showing how damaging it is to the victim, it persuaded people to start having conversations and awareness about the topic of sexual harassment. Although posts can be quite effective, a picture is worth a thousand…show more content…
These sources are usually journals, newspapers, and big news channels. Some may argue these reliable sources are not valid due to them being biased. Although this may be true, most of these platforms research both sides of the argument to have their content be credible. If one is still unsure, they can read the source’s other material in order to be certain of validity. If these sources frequently use words hyperbolic words which include most, biggest, and deadliest; they may be unreliable (Williams). Other unreliable sources include blog posts and social media posts. However, social media has been improving in making reliable accounts easier to distinguish by having a certain symbol next to the account’s name. By doing these simple tasks, one can become a responsible user in preventing false information from spreading. Not only will it help decrease this ongoing issue, but it will also assist in making social media a more reliable and valid

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