Winesburg Ohio Short Story

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In Sherwood Anderson’s novel, Winesburg Ohio, one of the main themes that ran throughout and connected many of the stories was the way in which the characters communicated, more specifically how they miscommunicated. After reading the book you start to see that the whole town seemed to lack the ability to communicate with one another. But, this was a very small town, so usually everyone knows everyone in those type of situations and the people are usually close knit. Although I do understand that just because it is a small town that does not mean the people have to be close, or even talk to each other. Some might even say the people were not comfortable enough or maybe had not known each long enough to trust communicating their feelings, but many of the people in the book communicated with George Willard. At the same time the book showed that even the closest people…show more content…
One of the main focuses is, on the relationship that Tom and Elizabeth Willard had with there son. His parents were unhappily married, both dreading the thought of one another, more and more each day. They both could barely stand the sight of one another as explained in the story, yet neither one of them truly expressed or communicated the mutual feelings. Which could have led to them parting ways and actually being happy. The next relationship is the one George shares with his mother. It was not the traditional mother/son relationship most of us come to know. It was described as a really awkward one in fact. Very emotionless, throughout the story George and his mother sat together, much of the time never uttering a word. The mother and son shared an awkward relationship as if they may have been too shy to communicate with each other. Even though the mother had much to say to the boy, and strong feelings pertaining to his future. She feared that George would turn out to be a dull man like his

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