Role Of Social Media In Business

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Social media plays a dominant role in our society and even our daily lives. Social media means a channel people use to connect to each other for sharing, creating and exchanging information and ideas. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tagged, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, MySpace, GooglePlus, Tumblr, and many more vigorously spread among people in the world not only teenagers and young adults but all different age groups utilize this social media nowadays. According to Oxford Dictionary Online, social media are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. I find social media is important because I can stay connect to current issues happening around…show more content…
Earlier , people who just started a business will usually use to promoting their brands through posters, sending email by personal or telecast advertisement in television and radio. These methods become less effective in nowadays world. In order to develop a business, one should find an efficient marketing method so that their product and services will stay longer in market. Recently , I found many pages in social media such as Facebook , Instagram and Whatsapp mainly open pages to promote their products and services. So, I suggested to my friends regarding this mushrooming business through social media. I did a business joint with my friends through social media. Our main product is sarees and materials from India. We opened a Whatsapp group and Facebook page and start to add people in it. We uploaded our products with price in Facebook and tagged people in it. At first , we thought it won’t give any beneficial but in one week, we get a lot of messages from buyers and we get orders more . It’s much more easy doing business in social media because we can target our customers based on their interest and locations. Social media also a platform for business where you have to pay nothing for promoting our brands and even some paid cost are less to advertise brands in social media. We can directly interact with buyers and get feedback from them This method will help us in upgrade our business in future. Business through social media doesn’t need a high requirement and modals to start it. All you need is a computer or smartphone and internet connection to do business in social media. According to Adam Bell, owner of the design company Concept Cupboard, social media as Twitter is the medium he use to expand his business network. He says "Twitter gives you a free platform to let the world know who you are and what you do. When you're looking to approach someone for potential partnerships, meetings and so on, this

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