Jobs Dynamics Case Study

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Organizational Profile This section provides a snapshot of Jobs Dynamics Pvt ltd (JD), the major influences on how it operates and its organizational description and Organizational situation as summarized below under section s P.1 and P.2. JOBS DYNAMICS Pvt. Ltd. (JD) is career oriented organization, which is providing the widest range of job solutions to people looking for work in Nepal. JD believe that people are the only long-term sustainable competitive advantage of an organization and their contribution in respective job will make great impact on living standard. The JD are continually in the market from…..and they are providing various services in Nepali market. JD believe that there should be right people at right place at right time…show more content…
They are more focusing on building long term relationship with their clients and providing them the required human resources. JD believes that without skills and competences manpower, organization will not able to buikd sustable competive advantage. We're not just powered by technology - we're powered by people (JOBS DYNAMICS, n.d.). JD team have significant experience in the consultancy business. This has given them a thorough knowledge of the business and an understanding about the challenges faced by their client. The organization has a very committed team who take up challenge as an opportunity to grow. Jobs dynamic growing the entire market of human resource focusing on quality and credibility for the overall development of the working culture of the country. JD connecting people to the work that they want based on their ecperience, education, skills and…show more content…
The comparative data for JD is number of the clients woth them and number of job seeker come to the JD. It is determine by how many organization contact the JD for human resources and number of placement that JD makes in thise organization. Monthly evaluation is done to identify and to review work performance. Tge number of job seeker come to the contact of JD are primary source of comparatice data. Strategic context: JD believes in a collective and participative approach to formulate strategies. The short term strategic objective of the company is to have a sustainable income source and the long term strategic objective is to expand itself into prominent places. Strategic Advantage: Relationship with the employees and clients. Responsiveness to the cutomer Continuous imorivement and innovation in the organization. Internal strengthening Strategy challenges: Neck to neck competeion with others. Mobilization of human resiuource to abroad Complexiry of wrok environemt Performance evaluation: JD itself conducted performance management system in commercial banks and travel agency. They develop a clear business vision, communicated to staff, linked to transparent and measurable objectives and facilitate learning and

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