Learning To Ride A Bike Poem Analysis

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Rufo Liao Mr. Parker English 1B Apr. 16 2017 How Is a Poem? In comparison with other types of literature, poems often have profound or unclear meanings, but with in-depth analysis, poems can turn up somewhat unique. Many people may think that poems take the definition of a short piece of writing where feelings and emotions flourish, but in reality, poems confront more with the “how” factor, how can a poem express feelings or how can a poem turn up unique. Poems truly uniqueness comes mainly from the four areas of structure, musical character, language, and reading comprehension. First of all, poems can take very outstanding structures, including the use of enjambment. A poem’s structure revolves mostly around the word flexibility. Unlike prose writing, poems do not need to fill the whole page. Also, poems can have one word per line or even leave a blank altogether. Taking the poem “Learning to Ride a Bike” by Doug Parker, the first…show more content…
Unlike prose writing with a narrative tone of writing or some poetic writing tone, a poet always considers each word in a poem for the sound of it. The uses of end-rhymes, or having similar consonants and vowels lift and emphasize the sound of poems. In my poem, “A new day that doesn’t belong to yesterday,” uses of alliteration and assonance gives some more musical character to the poem. “Seeking, Feeling and Seeing” (Liao 7) and “Pacing, Plucking and Playing” (Liao 15) takes the writing with more rhythm and music sense. Using repetition of similar consonant and vowels, words fits together to create the scene the poet wants. In this case, my intention creates the feeling of a progress and hard work, from just seeking and pacing, to seeing and playing. The musical character in a poem brings much importance, and with this, it identifies the unique sound of poetry from other types of

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