Uses And Grafification Theory

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Social media plays a dominant role in our society and even our daily lives. Social media means a channel people use to connect to each other for sharing, creating and exchanging information and ideas. Social media is forms of electronic communication that can be broadcasted via the internet to large audiences and allows users to interact with each other and become part of online communities to exchange information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (Kane, Alavi, Labianca & Borgatti, 2014). Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tagged, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, MySpace, GooglePlus, Tumblr, and many more vigorously spread among people in the world not only teenagers and young adults but all different…show more content…
Even Uses & Grafification theory explains the uses and functions of the media for individuals, groups, and society in general. Blumler and Katz established a theory known as the uses and gratifications theory which suggests that media users choose their form of media based on their motivation to fulfill goals, and attempts to explain why. Whiting and Williams (2013) suggest that the usage occurs because of the instant rewards gained by using it. The motivation to use social media will increase if these gratifications are met and because social media usage offers instant rewards, gratification is instantly felt by the person every time they exhibit that behaviour to achieve their goals. My main rountine is to check my social media such as Whatsapp and Facebook right after I wake up, I find that loads of motivation picture especially in the morning can be found in this social media. It is a boost for me to start my day. For example, both status attainment such as getting attention and information seeking such as future retrieval were found to be the main motivations driving users to contribute annotations in mobile and online media (Ames & Naaman, 2007; Goh, Ang, Chua, & Lee, 2009). Hsu and Lin (2008) also suggested that the motivations for sharing content in the blog space include establishing social relationships and reputations. Many photos and videos of motivation can be found in social media especially in Youtube and Facebook. It also give me a boost to publish my idea as in status in Facebook. The ‘like’ button in Facebook maybe something usual but it is a recognition you are giving to someone’s idea. Many works of people that they can’t publish in market and get pattern. But here in social media, they get credits by people. It is a motivation for me to upload more my art work since I’m good in drawing. Social media motivates me in workout and fitness. No matter how confident,

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