Environmental Sustainability Of Social Media

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Social media users: The number of social media users in India has reached to 143 million. According to the reports of Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) International the college going students use 34% of social media followed by young men at 27%. School-going children constitute 12% of the social media users. 60% of College-going students and young men use social media in urban India the number of rural regions has also increased in the last few years and it will increase to a greater extent in future also. People are actively using social media. Social media has played an important role in many countries. In India also Net neutrality, Delhi gang rape and many more cases are there which…show more content…
Based on this study paper, explore how social media information affect us a lot and examine how this information can change the society. It was found that social media has become a powerful tool in our society. It has really changed our thinking and the way we perceived things. Social media can be a powerful tool for taking actions against the business which has a negative impact on the environment. Environmental sustainability is making decisions and taking appropriate actions to protect the environment and therefore social media can be used effectively for taking actions and making decisions. The role of social media as a main driving force for the success of environmental campaigns like the success of the kitkat killer campaign on social media was the main driving force due which the campaign got success and the Nestle stops the destruction of rainforests. The campaign couldn’t have success without the social media. To address environmental crises and issues social media platforms seem to be one of the main driving force. It can be used to generate more “call for action”. Environmental problems can be raised to spread awareness and the information on environmental advocacy. The use of social media by the Greenpeace organization for raising awareness regarding deforestation is commendable. It got maximum online support of people due to which Nestle has to come forward to giving statements of…show more content…
Awareness is necessary for protecting the environment and use of natural resources which are fixed on earth by involving every individual. Through social media one can begin the discussions on these issues which sometimes remains uncovered by the mainstream media and also ignored by it. People can take part in these discussions and join these green forums which promote them. Calling up people and the success of any social campaign is totally depend the way we bring up any issue. Through social media networks, large number of people can be organized. We can say that social media is an efficient tool for raising environmental issues and spreading awareness of environmental issues. There must be more such campaigns against the corporations and companies whose activities destroys the environment. And use of social media as a potent communication tool which can be used for more and more against all those who destroy the environment just for their own

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