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In the 21st century, there is no doubt that technology is the most profound asset in our lives. Concurrently, the majority of people can benefit from innovations of technology like media. Especially, in developed countries, many citizens tend to utilize media such as television, social media, internet, magazines, etc. From 2010 to 2014, social media usage in elderly people increased more than 15 percent. Hence, people can communicate or have enjoyable time with each other. Yet, sometimes excessive media use might cause some behaviour issues. Negative social relationships and psychological problems are inclined to be two major arguments why increased media usage brings about behaviour problems. Negative consequences on social relationships…show more content…
First and foremost, if people use more media, they can be possessed of aggressive behaviour problems due to TV and games. To elaborate, young people watching TV or playing video games about crime and violence, seem to commit a crime or show aggressive behaviours. To give a solid example, citizens watching Kurtlar Vadisi and other containing violence TV series or playing Call of Duty and other violent video games, might be willing to do these harmful acts. Besides, some news on television or Internet can be related to victims or murderers. As a result, people can emulate them and media usage might be harmful for them. Add to this, media can cause addiction to kids such as alcohol and cigarette. To illustrate, some advertisements about alcohol and cigarette was banned by people in power on account of the fact that people can be influenced in terms of using these products. According to Report of the Surgeon General (1994) asserts that the statistics are related to society of smoking ( 1200 deaths on a daily basis, half of which are of middle-aged individuals; %50 of smokers commence by 13 years old and %90 of smokers start 19 years old), the industry have to aid teenagers as smokers. Tobacco products advertisements can lead to multiply young people’ risk of smoking by encouraging smoking and smokers. It means that people watching these ads, can be inclined to use these
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