Social Issues In America

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Although we may be able to land on the moon, travel across the planet in hours, and communicate through wireless cell phones instantaneously, we still are dealing with same social issues of past. People all around the world are dealing with a variety of different issues pertaining things like women, race, religion, and gay rights. America may be better than other countries on these issues but we still have ways to go to make it better. America’s past displays the struggles citizens encountered on the path to equality for all in America. We have visionaries like Prudence Crandall and Fred Korematsu, who fought for equal rights during trying times. They are not well-known activists like MLK, but they made a huge difference. Prudence Crandall was born…show more content…
After she went to boarding school, she later became a teacher and teacher at that school. In 1831, Crandall opened an all-girl school named Canterbury Female Seminary. She was teaching all subjects which was on par with the all-boys school. All was well until in 1832, Crandall enrolled an African American girl named Sarah Harris. Harris came from a middle-class black family and was looking to pursuit a career as a teacher. When the word got around town of Harris’s admittance, parents were enraged and demanded for Harris to be expelled. After Crandall refused to throw Harris out the school, parents pulled their kids out of the school. Furthermore, Crandall decided that she will create a school for black women. She was getting help from William Floyd Garrison, who owned an antislavery paper called “The Liberator”. He was putting ads in the paper for the school that led to out of state students.

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