Pequot War Experience

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Question 1: This is work is a reflection of what I deducted from the class lectures. To begin tracking on events that involved the Pequot War of 1637. Socially, I drew that the settlers didn’t clique with the Native Americans past their own needs. “The reason why they desired so much our friendship was, because they were now in war with the Narragansett, whom, till this year, they had kept under, and likewise with the Dutch, who killed their old sachem and some other of their men, for that the Pekods had killed some Indians, who came to trade with the Dutch at Connecticut; and, by these occasions, the could not trade safely anywhere.” (Hosmer, 40) I see there being no natural social interest other than that of battle purposes and personal gains.…show more content…
British colonies saw a lot of diversity. This diversity saw a number of issues. Economically, they fought about controlling the Fur trade. There existed conflicting interest with the English settlers and Indians. The Fur trade was limited to native populations, initially. Politically, the English settlers looked to humanize the Indians. They sought to bring about political divides in land. The English claimed land that was previously just open game for the Indian tribes to dispute over. Culturally, the English settlers look to take these untrained humans and give them a religion. The English settler’s agenda influenced tensions. The English settlers only needed an excuse to turn these influences into action. For example, we saw the murder of John Stone, who had been banished, in the Pequot War. That brought about an offensive for English…show more content…
They cut their hair as in the King Philip’s War era. The long hair of the Indians represented masculinity. Indians also took up doing the chores such as farm work. This change in roles was a hit on the Indians social structure. The English settlers attempted to force Christianity down on Metacomet, but he refused along with other English laws and customs. His tribe faced poverty as they ran into an issue of not being able to trade due to a shortage of beavers. Unfortunately, we saw the Indians of Metacomet conform as a result of defeat in 1674. Their very own political, social, and economic identity was not only changed but written over with the English settlers own social, political, and economic agenda. I do believe the given name of King Philip to Metacomet is an example of English settler’s social and political influence. Metacomet is given an English name and recognized by it to the English. He went down in the history books as King Philip. His Indian name is still relevant and also recorded next to the name English. Political and social influence came to the Indians as they fell under laws and sanctions of the colonies as we saw. The Indians were punished and held accountable for their actions by English

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