Fourth Amendment: Injustice In The United States

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The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and sets out requirements for search warrants based on probate cause as determined by a judge. The Fourth Amendment says that the people have a right to be safe in their houses, papers, and persons against unreasonable searches. The Amendment enforces the saying, “Each mans’s home is his castle.” It is in the Constitution to secure the citizens of the United States from unreasonable searches by the government. I protects the people from random arrests, and is one of the main reasons of the law enforcing search warrants. Stop-and-frisk safety inspections, wiretaps, other forms of surveillance, and being central to other criminal law and privacy law topics are also protected under…show more content…
The United States Supreme Court ruled eight to one in a case where police officers are allowed to violate American citizens Fourth Amendment rights. Only if the violation results in a reasonable mistake on the part of the police. This has completely misinterpreted the whole meaning of the Fourth Amendment rights. A court case about the Fourth Amendment is a Supreme Court smartphone case. In the month of April 2014 the police searched a cellphone taken during an arrest. The argument is if the Police may routinely examine the digital contents of peoples personal devices. Some people say the stakes are so high because arrests are very common. 13.1 million arrests were made in 2010. The FBI said smartphones hold a lot of personal information. Under laws today. officers can search a person under arrest, going through pockets, purses, and wallets. This case relate to the 4th Amendment because the officers are searching the arrested, which is going against the persons rights according to the Fourth Amendment. I do not agree with the Supreme Court on this case. As a citizen of the United States I would not like to have people I don't know going through my personal items without permission of the law. People deserve respect, all living things do. That’s one of the reasons I chose the Fourth Amendment because it gives rights to keep the citizens of America’s private things to

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