Three Monsters: A Narrative Fiction

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What they saw was three monsters standing there. One vampire, one demon, and one werewolf. Then a man came out with a top hat covering his face… Muahaha so you finally came Red and Luna!!! Who are you!!! And what did you do to our friends!!! My my what a reckless girl you are Red. My name not Red it’s Saki!!! And answer my question what did you do with our friends!!! Saki calm down yelling won’t get our friends back!!! But!!! Luna speaks the truth you really should listen to her! Don’t tell me what to do!!!! Saki shut up let me try it!!! Crescent… Let me ask what did you do to our friends and if these monsters here are use to make sure we won’t attack you. *Laughs*Haha what do you mean what’s with these monster, these monster are your friends!!!

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