Acting Out Justice

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There are many different meanings for the word justice and everyone has a different definition of their meaning of justice. When I hear the word justice I think of everyone being able to have their freedom and being treated equally. In the book, Globalization, spirituality, and justice, the term justice is described as “…relational interdependence and a profound attentiveness to the needs of others. In other words, sedaqah is integrally related not simply to personal righteousness but also to social righteousness” (Groody, 27). In Christian theology there are two types of justices, internal justice which is being in a right relationship with God and external justice which is how a person acts towards other people (Groody 26-27). “…social…show more content…
Thinking about justice is believing that people should be treated equally. Acting out justice would actually be treating people equally. Obviously it is much harder to act out justice than to think about justice. To put this into context, thinking about justice for example, is why immigrants would come to America. The immigrants believe they can have a better life in America because they think that in America the people are free and they are treated fairly. However, that is not the case because when the immigrants get to America but they have to work these jobs with horrible conditions and do not get paid much for their work, they are not being treating equally. Acting out justice would be letting the immigrants into America and giving them an equal opportunity to have a decent job that pays well like other Americans have, they would not be treated any differently just because they are…show more content…
It starts with experience which leads to analysis then theological reflection and finally, causes a response. Experience is when someone is in or sees a social issue, this will make them analyze which is finding out what is causing the social issue, theological reflection is who the person is going to judge the social issue based on theology, and response is how that person will act due to the issues and their values. The ‘see, judge, and act’ process is very similar because this is when someone sees what is actually going on in the world, they judge what they are seeing by what they think should be happing, and act on what they see to change what they think should really be happening. These both allow people to see what is really going on in the world and allows them to reflect what they are seeing and then have them change what is wrong and make it right, according to what they

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