12 Angry Men Chapter 1 Summary

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1. The book Twelve Angry Men presents the frustrations and experiences of black men who have undergone the practice of racial profiling. The personal experiences of the twelve black men show several incidences of being racially profiled. It elaborates more on the injustices perpetrated against several United States citizens based solely on skin color. The book is therefore very important since it enables people to understand the experiences of racial prejudice in the United States. 2. Michelle Alexander in her book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the age of colorblindness, discusses issues of racism specific to the African Americans and mass incarceration in the United States of America. She writes that the war on drugs is used by the…show more content…
The film by Tim Wise-On White privilege gives an insight into issues of race and racism in the United States of America. Wise criticizes white privilege and argues that racism in America is being fostered and perpetuated by the existing institutions. I tend to agree with Wise that all people have internalized some elements of racist thinking in various multi-social societies, but the members of society can advocate for change to believe in equality. 4. The United States sociologist Kimmel describes privileged as being "like running with the wind at your back", not aware of invisible sustenance, support, and propulsion. The elements of privilege in my life include educational status, religion, social class and nationality among others. My educational status has affected my social relationship with others in a positive way since I can easily understand and accommodate all kinds of people I relate with. 5. The film Reel Bad Arabs analyzes how Hollywood manipulates and corrupts the image of Arabs via the presentation of the various scenes from different American films. The Arabs are seen as terrorists, savage, nomads or portray the Arab women as shallow dancers serving evil and greedy Arab sheiks. These issues directly attack the Arab’s humanity in a negative

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