Radiation Technician Research Paper

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There are many great jobs and job opportunities out there to pursue, and there will always plenty of options. A great way to decide on the job you want is to research them, and find out what suits you. As soon as you are finished researching all of the jobs that peaked your interest, you can start to narrow it down based upon your skills, interests, and work values. I am thinking about the jobs of a radiation therapist and the job of a surgeon. They both have very good qualities about them, but it also good to see what their negative qualities are so you can compare them and see which job better suits what you are looking for. Some of the daily tasks of a surgeon are grueling but they are very necessary. Some of the things they do are treat diseases, injuries, and deformities by different methods. Some surgeons use minimally invasive methods, others use invasive, and the others use non-invasive. It depends on what your condition is and how severe. If you are having internal bleeding and they…show more content…
They often review the patient’s prescription and diagnosis, prepare equipment such as immobilization, protection devices, and treatment. They act as a liaison with the supportive care personnel and the physician. They also do the important job of maintaining records, reports, and files. They may in some cases assist in dosimetry procedures and tumor localization. Their salary is not as much as a surgeon with the state average of $63,580. That may not seem like a lot considering it is not an easy job. The flip side to this is that you don’t have to go to school nearly as long as you would have to to be a surgeon. You only have to go to school and get your associate’s degree. Some good college majors to consider if you want this job would be health professions and related programs. This job is far less stressful than a surgeon’s job would ever be but once again the money part of the deal would be a

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