Examples Of Police Brutality

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I’ve never been in or witnessed police brutality. However, when I moved down to South Florida from the Midwest I had experienced police intimidation and harassment that has over since traumatized me in a way. I didn’t have a car and I was walking from my apartment on summit and military in West Palm Beach. I was walking at 10 am in the morning to the library. I had no idea what to expect. I was pulled over walking because he thought I was a prostitute and facilitating drugs. He gave me a third degree and was very forward with me and rude. I was wearing a long sundress to my ankles and a light scarf. I had matched a description of a prostitute with a tote bag with dark hair. He eventually let me go to the library, but then stopped me after I…show more content…
Another situation at the same apartment complex, I saw a suspect fight arrest and try to punch an officer after throwing away his gun and fleeing. When the suspect tried to swing at the officer the officer grabbed his arm and brought it back behind the suspects back and forced him down on the ground. At the time, I didn’t think anything differently and thought the officer used normal force, but I can see where this situation could have gotten out of control and some people could have assumed the officer was using too much force. In some of the situations, the public is only made aware of some of the information at the time and it usually comes back on the officer regardless if they handled the situation properly or didn’t like the incident in the book where the female officer was in the pharmacy either way she could have handled the situation it was going to cause her trouble. When you’re looking at making a decision based off of judgment or morals it hard to draw the line. When the suspect fled the scene in his gray thunderbird several times the officer has the right to sustain the suspect; however, I don’t think the officer should have beat the

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