Why Does Family Guy Draw Attention To Racism In America?

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In recent discussions of the television show, Family Guy, a controversial issue has been whether Family Guys superficial offensive jokes draws attention to racism in America. On the one hand some argue that Family Guy is not racist because if everyone makes fun of everyone including them selves, how can it be racist. From this perspective, the show Family Guy shows us that it is okay to make fun of everything and everyone or nothing, they also can make fun of themselves, their own religion, race, bad habits, the show is just pointing out humorous observations of others too. On the other hand, however, others argue that Family Guy highlights issues of racism in America. According to this view, episodes in Family Guy use offensive humor towards particular ethnic groups. In sum, then, the issue is whether Family Guys jokes are not racist just humorous or do they draw attention to the social truths of racism in America. My own view is that Family Guy's superficial offensive jokes draws attention to racism in America because Family Guy superficial offensive…show more content…
Several episodes of Family Guy show evidence of insults directed to a distinct ethnic or minority groups. In an episode, an African American character named Cleveland stands alone around three other white males while being discriminated for the color of his skin. For example, Cleveland wants to try out this machine but when he does it starts to beat him up and repeats “minority suspect” and also says he has a gun when the machine threw the gun at him. The offensive joke is that the police are so racist that they programmed a machine to be as well. The episode just proves even the authority figures and an inanimate object in society can draw attention to the issue of racism. By relating humor to a distinct race, Family Guy shines a light on social truths of the issues of racism that appears in

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