Segmented Assimilation Of Chinatowns

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When Chinese were forced out of smaller cities and their towns, they established their own place in urban areas. These places, known as Chinatowns, provided Chinese with urban neighborhoods and anonymity as well as safety (Healey & O’Brien, 2015, p. 257). According to Healey & O’Brien (2015, p. 257) “Chinatowns had existed since the start of the immigration, and they now took on added significance as safe havens from the storm of anti-Chinese venom”. The theory of a segmented assimilation is based on the idea that America’s society is both segmented and diverse. This includes underclass immigrants living where they first settle even if it is in the central cities (Xie & Greenman, 2005, p. 3). Thinking about it in this aspect; I would

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