Feeding America Contingency Theory

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Another nonprofit I researched is Feeding America which was established in 1977 to respond to the hunger crisis in America (Our, 2015). The basic concept of Feeding America was to establish food banks were the individuals struggling with hunger would be able to be provided with meals. The first concept of food banks was created by John van Hengel in Phoenix, Arizona when he witnessed a mother the routinely visited a garbage can outside the food soup kitchen he regularly volunteered at (Our, 2015). That same year John created St. Mary’s Food Bank and distributed 275,000 pounds of food to families and people struggling with hunger. The actions of John van Hengel exemplifies the leadership theory called contingency theory. Contingency theory…show more content…
This type of leadership shows that nonprofits are making a substantial impact on the world and are become similar to the profit counterparts. Diana Aviv previously served as the president and CEO of the Independent Sector which is a leadership network for the nation’s nonprofits (Our, 2015). I would argue that Diana Aviv could be described as a Role theory leader which refers to what happens when people conduct social processes and the consequences that come for them (Role, 2015, p.1). Diana fits this description best because she saw the social process and emotional connection that she had when the organization was created. The issue that stemmed from this was that were the underlying causes of hunger being fixed rather than just suppressed but the work the organization does. Basically this theory is arguing that the organization Feeding America lead by Diana Aviv will never accomplish their goal of ending hunger in the United States because they are only trying to feed the needy rather than help them be lifted from poverty and provide them with careers so they can support themselves and their

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