Performance Management Effectiveness

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This study focuses on the employee perception on performance management system effectiveness. The main problems had been submitted most of the employees have negative impression on the influences of PMS accuracy and effectiveness on employee outcomes. Indeed, this will lead on the impacts of HR outcome as well. This issue may influence by factor outside as related to person or job match as well. The result found that the appropriate tools use for performance assessment highly influence to the PMS effectiveness. Even though, it shows the accuracy and fairness factors can be used as the best predictor in measuring the employee’s perceptions. Researcher has been found the employees enjoy their jobs is when he or she able to receive accurate…show more content…
In other word, higher organizational commitment will lead to good appear of employee’s behavior as well as their perception. The studies was identify on how organization wish to motivate the employee to attracted with the job and the organization. Thus, it shows people are more engaged when there is an appropriate performance process used. Although, it can help employee show up for work at the same time gives them sense of pride in their work. 1.2 Purpose This study concentrated on employee’s perception of the effectiveness of performance management. This article reports conducted to prove the effectiveness of the system in real situation. Research in PMSE indicated two factors which are accuracy and fairness as variables to capture of the effectiveness of PMS in result of implementation and practice performance management. This study will highlight some key issue on employee perception. First, there has been considerable that PMSE has significant influence with job satisfaction. Second, there has significant relationship between PMSE and organizational commitment. 1.3 Design and methodology…show more content…
Data will be collected by a sample 61 respondent from diverse backgrounds. The measurement of PMS fairness includes procedural, distributive, interpersonal and informational. And PMS accuracy include phase of performance planning, feedback and coaching, performance review and outcome. The data were collected through personal and electronic. After collecting the data, these data were coded and entered into SPSS sheet for further analysis. Researcher will use statistical tools for calculating a trend of the overall level of employees’ perception toward the performance management system. 1.4 Implication First, this study show manager should frequently communicate with employees and the communication should be collaborative where open suggestion from employees. The system must be fully understanding by all users. This use for avoid the misunderstanding occur due to evaluation review. The knowledge regarding the system is required in order to measure the effectiveness of the system. Otherwise, the information can be used for further system

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