Smart Card Literature Review

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2.1 Introduction This chapter will explain and analyse the investigation that has been conducted by other researcher. This researcher that has been published on the previous study was used as a reference in completing the study according the topics. Not only should related literature by summarizing, but it should also be reviewed critically in order to detect areas for further research according by (Tayler & Procler, 2008). As we all can see around us nowadays, the need of the efficiency of fare payment system for public bus increasing from time to time. The Smart Card will be change the cash payment system and also the using of the stripping card according to needed of the efficient. There are various factors the needed of smart card payment…show more content…
It is usually seems as a chapter in a research report. However, few references that were research can be found in various parts such as in the introduction, and other parts of the report. Literature review is an evaluative report of information found in the literature and it is not just only an information list or a set of summaries. It should be describe, summarize, evaluate, and clarify the studies reviewed. The literature review will help the researchers to determine the nature of the research. Furthermore, it will assist the researcher to find the theoretical and evidence support for the research. The researcher will find out the definition of term, existing study and previous study related to the research and the information will be divided into independent variable and dependent variable. Moreover, the research will illustrate the conceptual framework from the collected information from this literature…show more content…
Among the definitions given are as below:- a) According to (M. Bagchi and P. R. White 2004) the Smart Card is are similar in look and size like to credit cards and can be used in place of traditional fare media such as paper tickets and magnetic stripe cards. Each smart card has their unique serial number that can be detected who is the owner of the Smart Card. For the implement the Smart Card, it can be registered to a given individual and can be anonymous. On the cards can be another placed electronically a range of fare payment products, such as travel passes and other tickets. Monetary value can also be stored on the card (‘stored value’) and debited as and when trips are made. b) According to the (Mohammed et al, 2004) Smart Card is one of the very new technology achievements in the world of information technology that same size to today's plastic payment card. In the smart card, it has a micro-processor or memory chip embedded in it that, when coupled with a reader. So, the Smart Card can process power to serve many different applications. Smart cards can be used to access server remotely over the Internet and they can make personal and business data available only to the appropriate users as an access-control

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