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Literature Review. Implementing Flashcards and Songs in English Language Classrooms to Teach Vocabulary "It’s not how smart you are, It’s is how you are smart!” –Howard Gardner-. One of the challenges of a person as an English language student is to learn vocabulary, which is an essential part in order to express ideas. Vocabulary is crucial to reach a profitable level on a second language and carry out an intelligible communication (Rivers, 1983, as cited in Shakouri & Mehrgan, 2012, p. 48). Therefore, with the aim to assist students to reach both of them, the duty of one as teacher is to bring a variety of activities to teach students vocabulary and help them with the retention of it. This variety of activities can be based on the different…show more content…
Because Gardner thought that the concept of intelligence was narrowly defined, he stated that each person possesses eight intelligences: linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic (Gardner, 1993). He also stated that each individual has a different level of preference to each one of those intelligences which he named “Proclivity” (Gardner, 1983, as cited in Armstrong, 2009, p. 32). Every person is different, so their way to do things is different too, and the same happens with learning; each person has a unique way of learning and perform what they had already learnt. Moreover, having different kinds of intelligences, each person has its own intelligences combination (Gardner, 1993, p. 27). Each individual develops their own blending of depending on their perception and experience of doing things having a unique combination. Teachers have the task to give students the necessary means to help them to shape their own way of reasoning; therefore, it is teachers’ responsibility to design classes on which a wide variety of activities takes…show more content…
The integration of MIT into the class helps teachers to come up with a wide variety of activities in order to enhance students learning (Christison, 1999, as cited in Firozjaei, Khakpour, Naseri, & Maleknia, 2013). Having different preferences for learning, the implementation of different activities in classroom to teach vocabulary increases students’ interest for learning. In this way, the implementation of flash cards into the class gives teachers the opportunity to increase students’ motivation for learning (Danan, 1992, as cited in Rokni & Karimi, 2013, p. 233). The implementation of flashcards provides teachers the chance to bring more students’ attention into the class. Having students’ focus, teachers can harness time to help students to practice vocabulary; such practice can be held by using flash cards over and over again aiming to make drills by repeating new

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