Essay On Bus Safety

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Abstract- Millions of children need to commute between homes to school every day. Safer transportation of school children has been a critical issue as it is often observed that, kids find themselves locked in the school bus at the bus stop after going to school, they miss the bus, or ride the wrong bus with no way to track them. This project intends to find yet another solution to solve this problem by developing a bus safety system that will control the entry and exit of students from the buses through an energy efficient methodology. The proposed system will control the entry and exit of students to and from the bus using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and GSM technologies to ensure the entering and exiting of all students to and from…show more content…
Another research Ben&Abdullah [2] introduced a system that monitors children inside the bus in a safe manner. It uses a combination of RFID, GPS (Global Positioning System), and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technologies. Each student carries a unique RFID card. The card is embedded in each of the student’s school bags. Whenever a student enters or exits from the bus, the reader records the time, date, and location and then transfer the data into a secure database and this does not require any action from the drivers and students. The system enables parents to receive instant SMS alerts within 10 minutes of the designated pick up and drop off points, reducing the time the child spends on the street. The system will also notify the parents via SMS when the student boards from the bus or when entering and leaving the school, this will make the parents take the appropriate action because they have precise answers to boarding statue and times. If the child is still inside the bus for a predetermined period after running the bus engine, and bus’s doors are closed, a message will be sent to school management, and the system will display the location of the
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