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The sentence above is a synopsis of one of the movie entitled "The Divergent". The Divergent are the films that change and make my views about life becomes more widespread. The Divergent lives tells the story of a dystopian future in Chicago. Residents here are divided into 5 types of factions according to the personality of each. This faction is useful to balance and keep the peace. 5 the factions are: 1. Abnegation: people are not selfish selfless (selfiess) 2. Amity: people who love peace 3. Candor: the people honestly and frankly 4. Dauntless: those brave 5. the Erudite: smart people Of the five factions are a group that cannot enter into it called "divergent" when they are in their Test can actually master the fifth such faction is considered to be a threat and dangerous. But all I see is the view where all people identified in one group it is true there is a goal…show more content…
Being different is indeed difficult but from the difference that finally made us have the characteristic of its own that is what makes us able to compete in this global world. People will be aware of the capabilities that we have. A lot of people looked at next to the eyes of someone who has thought differently than others. Divergent thinking this movie is very different from other factions, so they looked next to the divergent eyes. But in the end is actually the divergent sought by this world to create a world that is more advanced and better yet due to divergent has 5 ability at once in her other factions where every human has only one ability alone. 1. The Film motivated me to more confident though considered different, or how, the attitude of the way that I choose very opposite of audiences in general but laboured to remain in a positive and beneficial

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