Heroic Characteristics Of A Hero

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When talking about heroes, many different things come to mind. Somebody who has a cool outfit, a snazzy nickname, or a superpower are some obvious examples. However, there are many different things that can make anyone a hero. Things like being kind to others, having integrity, and showing selflessness, are all different heroic traits that can make somebody a hero. Yet to me, the most heroic trait that exists is bravery. I think this because when you possess the attribute of being brave, nothing can stop you. You can go out your way to help others without being scared of the results. People like Forrest Gump, Martin Luther King Jr., and my parents are all people who have shown bravery, making them heroes. Forrest Gump was a hero because of…show more content…
He showed many glimpses of bravery throughout his life. For example, during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and his famous “March On Washington.” After the arrest of Rosa Parks who was detained for not giving up her seat on the bus to a white mail sparked a massive boycott of the company which lasted 381 days. During the boycott, Martin Luther King was chosen to be the protest’s leader and official spokesman. This shows bravery because Martin took on this challenge knowing wholeheartedly that there was a big red dot put on his head because he took on this role. The march on Washington fully shows how brave Martin was. He organized a massive protest designed to shed light on the injustices which African Americans continued to face across the country. Around 200 000, to 300 000 people attended this rally and they listened to Martin as he read out his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Without a doubt, this showed bravery because King refused to be quiet and instead stood up for what he believed in and got his message preached at a very high level. Even after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr because of the bravery he showed, it helped shape America into becoming a more accepting country thus making him a national

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