Singapore Tourism Case Study

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This affects 19% decrease in visitor arrival and hotel occupancy even retails, dining establishment and affected business reported in decrease rate of customers which causes stock price to fall, due to the situation at hand the government slash the economic progression report to 0.5% in the year 2003 to balance out the pressing issue. However the government together with the other industries including the Singapore Tourism Board has overcome the problem when a relief package being issued to aid those affected by the SARS outbreak economic progress fall which instigated a fee rebate for airlines and cruise industry and refund property taxes for hotels and other properties. Years after the SARS outbreak disappears and visitors returned back to…show more content…
The Singapore Tourism Board has also overcome the economic crisis with the aid and actions imposed by the government as the economic structure is fundamentally support well to survive the 2008 crisis and recession as the crisis isn’t as severe compared to 1997 to 1998 same situation, the reason is that the crisis mainly affects the United States and Europe so the tourist contributed lesser than the normal contributed tourist by South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand therefore the crisis compared to 1997 does not effectively damage the economy and tourism progress. Visitor arrival recovered after 2009 after the great recession and the economic unbalance with various initiative instigated by the Singapore Tourism Board to resume normal tourism progress about…show more content…
STB together with its statutory shareholders and the government work together to include many sights to behold from the Singapore Flyer to the Integrated Resort to the Sports Hub newly opened and many future structure whether for events or to progress towards their goals to create quality tourism continuing the growing economy. Even during crisis like the epidemic that severely slow tourist arrival rates or the global economic crisis which leads to many workers under recession issues and decrease tourist visits even by a small number can impact the economy in Singapore the tourism board with their shareholders persevered through and has been successful with their schemes and plans for both crisis affecting tourism. The Singapore Tourism Board and other industry boards all have contributed to the Singapore developing market-economy advancement to pursue success rates with Singapore being the less corrupted and business friendly to offer Singaporeans more jobs within the tourism line perceived by foreigners to study, live and especially visiting to tour Singapore as their destination of choice providing more ideas for the Singapore Tourism Board to keep Singapore as one of the most successful

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