Argumentative Essay On Genetically Modified Foods

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Have you ever gone to the grocery store and decided to pick out some fruits to make a nice bowl of fruit salad? Yes, most likely you have and while doing so you don't ever think about what could be on fresh “organic” fruit. Well actually you are buying fruit that may contain GMOs often known as Genetically Modified Organisms. Food should not be Genetically Modified because scientists don't know 100% if genetically modifying food is safe for people to consume. By genetically modifying foods people no longer know what the food that they consume may contain. One issue with GMOs are that scientists are injecting genetic materials from plants, animals, or bacteria into a crop in hopes of creating a new and beneficial trait. According to Alisa…show more content…
These risks could include infertility, immune system problems, accelerated aging, disruption of insulin and cholesterol regulation, gastrointestinal issues, and changes in organs. Genetically modified crops pose risks to the environment, too, including the serious threats of Gm seeds spreading to and contaminating both organic and conventional crop fields. The most important thing to know about Gm foods is that they only benefit the chemical companies that produce them, “The biotech companies have yet to produce anything that benefits the consumer”(Smith 14). The biotech industry claims that genetic engineering reduced the use of pesticides, but research shows otherwise. The biotech companies proposed a solution to the development of the so-called “superweeds” that are weeds that are able to adapt to and withstand herbicides. The biotech companies are creating a new Gm crop that are resistant to even more toxic chemicals, including 2, 4-D which is a major component of Agent Orange which is a chemical used as part of herbicidal warfare programs. Executive director of the Center for Food Safety and the author of Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Charges in Your Food. Andrew Kimbrell explains that this is a “crazy” idea because weeds

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