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1. Problem/Issue discussion Tourism sector is main source of foreign currency exchanges to Malaysia compare to manufacturing sector. In this article study about the last decade several events that represented the potential shocks to multinational tourist arrival to Malaysia. The problem of this article is to study whether shocks have permanent or transitory effect on tourist arrivals in Malaysia. One aspect of tourism in Malaysia that has not been considered is the effect of shocks to the time path of international tourist arrivals and the possible implications of such shocks for the sustainability of Malaysia’s tourist sector. Even though tourism is the fastest growing sector in the Asian region, many countries have experienced external…show more content…
Literature review • Asian Financial Crisis From 1995 to 2005 represent potential shocks to international tourist arrivals. According to past study article found that the Asian financial crisis has a negative effect on the short term viability of tourism in East Asia. Furthermore, the decreasing in tourist arrivals reflected smaller number come from country where income were high affected by the crisis, that including the ASEAN countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. • Tension between Malaysia and Singapore According to Musa (2000) the Asian financial crisis effect the tourist flows was compounded by tension between Malaysia and Singapore in early…show more content…
These strategies were different from one sector to another. Hotel operators attempted to develop domestic tourism, as there was a recession in the economy. Some hotels also changed their international target markets to new emerging markets such as Middle East and other regional markets. The regional focus was because this part of the world was experiencing faster economic recovery than Europe and the United States. Hence, tourism stakeholders in Penang shifted their short-term strategy to attracting tourists from regional markets like Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Macau and Taiwan– places with good flight connections to

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