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Delhi Police has introduced computerization of missing persons data in 2006 The matching of missing persons with unidentified dead bodies is being done with the help of computers. Before computerization of missing persons data, the tracing out percentage of missing persons was about 25% which has increased to 73.77% in 2006. As per the report 80% missing children were traced. Photographs of missing persons as well as unidentified dead bodies are fed in the computer. The web site developed by the Delhi Police can be accessed by general public from any part of the world. The report claimed that out of 15201 persons reported missing in the year 2006, 11215 persons had been traced and had been restored to their parents/guardians. An effort…show more content…
A study by NHRC presents convincing evidence to show that several women and children ‘reported missing’ were eventually rescued from brothels and other places of exploitation. However, a person may go missing for different reasons. It could be lack of care and attention of children by the parents or guardians or care takers, or may be due to frustrations at home etc. Therefore, if it is a genuine case of missing, there is an act of helplessness on the part of the missing person which led to the person being reported as missing. In such cases, it is the vulnerability of the person which leads the person to go missing. In trafficking, the vulnerability of the person is capitalized by the traffickers and the person is trafficked. People may be trafficked with the knowledge or even consent of the guardian or care taker and in such cases the latter is an accomplice in the crime of human trafficking. When guardians/care givers report that their ward is missing, more often they have no knowledge nor have they consented. Here also one needs to exercise caution as there can be false reporting where the guardian would have been party to the trafficking of the ward. When it comes to notice, the guardian may file a report of missing person to extricate oneself from

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