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The key issue I will be targeting is about the issue of bullying amongst youths in Singapore. By definition bullying refers to repeated forceful acts of threats, coercion, abuse, intimidation and dominating others with the purpose of inflicting harm or fear on the victim. (Ng, Rigby, 2010) Bullying stems from the real or perceived power disparity between two or more groups. It is important to understand that bullying is not only carried out physically but also mentally through avenues such as verbal, relational and cyber-bullying. Physical bullying includes behaviours such as kicking and punching, verbal bullying includes name calling and teasing and relational bullying refers to spreading untrue rumours. On the other hand, cyber-bullying can…show more content…
Although the purpose of social media is to bring people closer, it now appears to create an avenue and encourage youths to carry out the act of cyber-bullying. A survey by Touch Cyber Wellness done in 2013 showed that 1 in 3 of the 3000 secondary students surveyed admitted to having been bullied online. (Baig, 2014) A study by Microsoft also sees Singapore coming in second for the highest rates of cyber-bullying globally. But what really urged me to focus on this topic was the recent bullying case in the news involving a student from Shuqun Secondary School as stated in article . The student was clearly physically bullied by his classmates in the video and he simply allowed them to continue their act without retaliation. Since then, there has been a heated discussion over the issue of bullying in Singapore. Hence in this essay, I wish to address the rising trend of bullying in Singapore for the year 2015, the roles of social workers in this issue as well as the available schemes and policies that are available to provide help and support for the victims of bully or the bully

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