My Best Day

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As a child I would say I got excited about everything that was new to me, but the excitement of new things did not continue. I always hated waking up in the mornings, but this particular day was different. The skies were sunny, the birds were chirping, and I was excited. Usually on any other day my mom has to wake me up in the morning, she does a series of pounding on the door and yelling of my name. Most of the times that did not work, and she would have to physically pull me out of my bed. On this fine August morning that was not the case I was the first one awake in my household. It was my first day of first grade and I prepared myself the night before, I was not going to let anything stop me from having the best day ever. At this time…show more content…
I am flat out nervous, there are butterflies in my stomach and my hands are beyond sweaty. All I could think about is the teacher calling on me to read, the level on anxiety I had was off the charts I did not want anyone to know how bad I was at reading. I was so focused on trying to convince myself that all I had to do is read a few sentences and that maybe I am a better reader than I thought. The nightmare of the day became reality. The teacher called on me to read and to make matters worse I made myself look like an idiot before I even opened my mouth. I was still trying to convince myself that reading was not as bad as I thought when the teacher called on me, the teacher must have said my name at least three time. I can't imagen what I must have looked like to the other students. I was slouched in my chair holding this book with a blanker than blank look on my face. My face instantly turned run from the embarrassment and I still had to read. Now I am thinking to myself I can't get any more embarrassed than this read should be a breeze. Only if I knew how wrong I could be. I am holding the with two hands, one hand on each side of the book. The words in the book were blurry to me, I couldn't get my eyes to focus and it didn't help I had a slight shake going from the nerves. I began to stumble over words to the point where I lost track of where I was and had to start reading from the beginning. I can hear the kids behind me laughing to themselves because of how bad I was struggling. The teacher finally called on some else to read I couldn't have been more relieved, it felt like I have been trying to read for an
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