Significant Moment In My Life

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I remember moments in my life. I miss some with nostalgia and at times I pause and wonder why I had to go through hell just to try and make it in life. I lived to hate my fate and this made me to have low opinion of myself. I felt worthless and ignominious. I have heard and read stories from successful people some encouraging while others just baffling. I know your story could be better than mine but just hear me out. I have had phases in life and I think I just enjoyed a snippet of them. I was born in a family of seven and being the forth-born, I did have much impact to my parents as my elder first-born or my last-born sister. The "in-between" children felt forgotten and downplayed but that was not a big deal anyway. Instead it made us stronger.…show more content…
One day in the middle of the week my dad decided to come without giving notice. He found her in the real act of battering our last-born. I was at school and I did not know how it went down but that was the end of the step mum in our lives. Our dad made up his mind not to marry again after realizing the suffering we had been put through with the heartless step-mum. Life continued, no tussles no stress living all by ourselves. It was a relieving moment in my life despite many responsibilities of looking after my siblings. This also came with its implications especially in my academics. I started missing classes. I could not literally concentrate in class because my mind had been flooded with home chores. I recall being position second last in class five but this could not even struck my mind. Teachers understood our situation and I could be favored in many occasions. In the year 2000 my dad employed a house help so as to relieve me from these back-breaking duties. This gave me an opportunity to focus more in my studies and at least to recover my position. I worked hard bearing in mind it is the only breakthrough to a better future. I was in class six

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