My First Vacation

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On September 12, I packed my bags more than I ever have before. The longest vacation I’d ever experienced was a 4 day weekend in Santa Cruz. Relaxation, happiness, and peace of mind was not part of my everyday life. However, from September 12th to 18th, it was all I knew. I was on my way to Maui for my uncle’s wedding, and my family decided to turn it into our own vacation as well. This was my first time flying, one of my few experiences leaving California, and my first time leaving the mainland U.S. Although this flight alone was a lot of firsts for me, it doesn’t come close to my most significant experience of the trip. We landed in Maui and by the time I reached the exit of the plane, I took my first breath of Maui’s air. The scalding…show more content…
From a near freezing pool in Tahoe, to the roaring waves of Santa Cruz. Now I’m in Maui and I’m literally surrounded by water, from the violent waves of the “Black Sand Beach”, to the relaxing beach of Lahaina, but still, I couldn’t keep my eyes or mind off of the landscape. The towering green mountains, the arid plains, the soft sandy beaches, all felt like a delicacy for my eyes and soul. Of course, I still made a break for the beach as soon as we arrived, and I thought that was a life changing experience. Little did I know, my mom would soon decide to go on the “Road to Hana”, a single road trip around the entire island. About 3 hours into the trip, it felt like I was on another planet, I was surrounded by thick canopy and vines. My surroundings looked as though all of the green in the world had been put in one place. Of the total 620 curves that made up the road to Hana, I’ll never forget the single turn that revealed a spectacular waterfall that cascaded into a pool of water. The water reflected the beautiful green canopy above and around. The pool of water was open to swim in and while I walked to the water, I felt a euphoric sense of adrenaline pounding throughout my body. With my snorkel and fins in my hands, I noticed that although the air was cooler underneath the shade of the towering trees and the water was bone-chillingly cold, there was nothing that could stop me from swimming in that serene pool of…show more content…
However, looking at the rapid white water cascading from the rocks above, made me feel as though I was in a trance when I plunged into the water. In that moment, I didn’t feel submerged in the water, when I let it surround me, I felt as though I had melted beneath the surface. Initially, the only feeling I had was the chilling tingle of the freshwater. This water didn’t sting like the salty rough water of the ocean, and when I swam underneath the waterfall, I could hear the gallons of water pounding against the surface, making a deep roar throughout the pool. As I surfaced again, I felt the water pushing down on me and as I swam away from the waterfall, I stopped and floated. My ears remained underneath the water as I paddled around the pool and watched the sun’s beams stream through the canopy above me. In this single moment of nirvana, I felt transcended to the point that I belonged to the Earth. I could hear the bass of the waterfall drowning out any other sound, and as I circled around the pool staring into the evergreen canopy, I could smell the fresh air, seemingly cleansed by the cool mist that surrounded the waterfall. This single moment of my trip and my entire life captured the essence of joy and serenity, this single moment made my pursuit of happiness complete, this single moment has changed the way I view the

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