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Summary An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison is a gripping memoir of Jamison’s transition to mania. The book begins with the dynamics of Jamison’s family. Jamison is the middle child of a military meteorologist and a teacher. Throughout grade school she marks shifting moods of her family members and the effects. Jamison compares herself to her overachieving big brother and rebellious younger sister, who faced some inner demons. Her younger sister is deeply affected by change and rigorous parameters of military life, that Jamison loves and finds a comfort. Jamison highlights her journey to being a manic depressant in the beginning as a “crack” (Jamison,1996). Jamison’s notes when she was a senior in high school she begins her decent into depression. Her family was completely unaware of…show more content…
Students with leaning disabilities often have issues with emotion regulation and mental stability. Students, who suffer from depression specially, have an effect on a child educational performance. Similar to the plight of Kay Redfield Jamison; students, families, and professionals maybe unaware of their mood swings the child must manage. The moments of extreme happiness to sadness, the students are in limbo and captive to their emotional swings. These mood swings can alter the student’s performance in school academically and behaviorally. An Unquiet Minds highlights an adult’s issue with mental health, but our students are still in grade school and may not successfully adjust to the demands of stabilizing their mind, but also communicating their needs. In my experience, the parent can ignore signs of mental illness. The ignorance can be intentional or unintentional. Many parents of a child with learning disability have to help their child overcome their academic or behavioral difficulties, however; assisting their child through mental illness is an additional

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