Act Of Vengeance Analysis

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Vengeance is a continuous mission for century, in a long run with the new generation, they were following order to have revenge but without knowing the reason why. If no one willing to stop and think it over and it is not worth the risk, then the vengeance will still be going for the cost of nothing. In the society, people do not realize that having to vengeance the deaths of a love one will take so much time and patience within their lives. In the short story, “An Act of Vengeance,” by Isabel Allende, the issue involves a young girl who get raped by Tadeo Cespedes, also murdered her father on the same day. She has lived her life in a burden of her father’s vengeance for 30 years waiting for the day to come. However, in the film, “Act of Vengeance,” by Matt Yenne…show more content…
In the short story, as stated by Allende, Dulce Rosa Orellano is an innocent, beautiful, fifteen-year-old girl was crowned with the jasmines of Carnival Queen, and a daughter of a powerful man name Senator Anselmo Orellano (p.3). Dulce Rosa is a young teenager who should be relish her youth, instead became an orphaned after her father die. She perceives that she must vengeance her father death on the next expedition with rancor in her heart. In contrast to the film, according to Yenne, Frank Valera play by Antonio Banderas, is 58-year-old an adult, married with a daughter, also, he is a high-power corporate defense and a fast-talking lawyer. Frank regret his action for being neglects his wife and daughter for work for so long until was too late. Frank’s father-in-law Chuck play by Robert Forster, blamed Frank for what happened to his daughter and his grand-daughter. Chuck reminded Frank is a defense attorney, but his talent can only help criminal to get away, also told Frank not to speak to him ever again. Frank had made the promised to his family he will not speak again until he gets revenge for
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