The Great Gatsby Character Analysis

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The depiction of Gatsby’s character in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald has a big impact on the novel and through understanding his character the context and meaning of the novel become clear. Gatsby’s personality represents many of the extremes of American life and his rise and fall from fame and success shows the unattainable aspect of the what was thought to be the achievable American dream. Gatsby’s true beginnings and origins begin as a mystery to narrator Nick Carraway and Nick first encounters his reputation before he actually meets Gatsby. This delayed introduction to Gatsby’s personality helps create the mystery and the impression that Gatsby is more than just a man. When Nick finally meets him at one of his parties he is surprised…show more content…
Gatsby was determined to create something more for himself and in this way represents the American dream. Even coming from such humble origins as he did, he still managed to earn enough…show more content…
Despite these two groups seeming to be “equal” in a social sense there is still a deep difference in these groups security in their money. Those who came from new money don’t have the generational ties that can support them in case something goes wrong like the old money does. Even though Gatsby appears to have achieved his goal of being at the top of the social strata, he will never be fully secure in that position. Daisy and Tom and the other old money people will always have a back up. This fleetingness in security of wealth is also seen in Gatsby’s parties in the people who attend. The people who come to Gatsby’s parties tend to not be from old money, but people who are trying to get a leg up in the industry and those who are already established in society seem to be more uncomfortable there than those trying to work their way up. This is seen when “‘Lots of people come who haven’t been invited,’ she said suddenly. ‘That girl hadn’t

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