Argumentative Essay On Child Soldiers

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It is almost impossible for people to image children as war soldiers,but it is going on all over the world. In third world countries there are children being forced into the army and are treated horrible while in it, these kids are taken from their homes and are forced to commit crimes almost unthinkable. But these kids are unwillingily forced to do it, they are victims, they are beaten, treated like nothing and have no choice but to live this life. Child soldiers should be given amnesty because they are forced into the army,they are traumatized after, and they are treated brutally and inhumane. Not only do the children have to go to war but they are forced into it with no choice. The children were forced into war in the worst way, they were taken from their homes and from the life they knew."They tied me up and dragged me into the bush. I didn't have any shoes on, and I was wearing only my underpants and a T-shirt."(Innocence lost: The child soldiers forced to murder). This is suggestive because it proves…show more content…
“My face swelled up, my eyes bled. By the end, you could not recognise me.”(Kony's child soldiers). This explains some of the issues portrayed outside of war, they were beaten and treated so bad you couldn't recognize them.Another example of this is that dont have any esiationls a human should have like a bed and shelter."After three years sleeping on the forest floor I thought I'd never sleep in a bed again."(Innocence lost: The child soldiers forced to murder). This proves the fact of how they are treated bad because the children thought that they will never sleep in a bed again.With this people can start to see of how bad they are treated and how inhuman the child soldiers commander and leaders

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