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It has been recently stated on the monitor that what you do does not only has an impact on you, instead it also impact people around you and what people do around you does impact you as well. When you have a hard time, you often need people who are close to your heart to motivate you to come back to your right track, console you and tell you that everything is going to be okay you need to hold on a little beat and all those kind of words. In my following essay, I will critically consider how significant others and generalized others impact my self-concept, self-esteem, self-perception and self-worth. Significant other can be anyone who is very important or has a strong influence over what you think of yourself and generalized others are the…show more content…
She told me that she had a brother who was burnt with boiled water to death, my teacher told me to be grateful that I did not lose even any of my body parts from burning unlike her brother who lost his life. Her words had positive impact towards me and from that day onwards I started looking myself in a good way, I actually accepted myself and the way I looked every morning I would start a day by saying good things about myself. Maslow (1987) argues that self-esteem must be satisfied before learners will be motivated to learn. Self-perception is the act or apprehending by the means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding. Critcher and Gilovich states that people determine their attitudes and preferences by interpreting the meaning of their own behaviour. Self-perception theory says that, ‘When people are unsure about what their feelings and motivations, they will use their own behaviour to infer what they feel.’ When I was doing grade 12, I did not like going to parties but my friends usual would invite me and I would pretend as if I like parties because I did not like them to see me as a book…show more content…
I was using my behaviour (sickness) to infer what I was feeling. The generalised and significant others positively impacted on my perception because my society members told me that it is not accepted to go to parties when you are a girl under the age of 21. Everyone around me put pressure to me to stop going to parties because doing that takes away my dignity and it is just forbidden in the society. Their positive impact motivated me to stop what I was doing. I told my friends the truth that I was not comfortable with going to parties. My friends then knew what I was really am and I was also free. On day it was my birth day, I was from school when I opened the at home my family surprised me with a party, when I looked around every one that I adore was there and I did not know what to feel and I just cried. I cried to infer what I was feeling. They generalised and significant impacted, they are the ones who caused me to do not know what I was feeling at that moment, I did not expect the party and to see every on which is close to my heat in my

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