Argumentative Essay On Minimum Wage

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Worth Our While Minimum wage has been a major debate for many years now. This issue has become more and more important because more people are going into poverty because of this wage and every politician seeks to find the solution. The main point people are trying to make consist of asking if minimum wage is a living wage. A living wage is “an amount of money you are paid for a job that is large enough to provide you with the basic things (such as food and shelter) needed to live an acceptable life” (Definition of Living Wage). In order to understand how we should go about the minimum wage, we have to look all of the sides for this argument. It is also important to see the view of people of all levels to completely understand everyone’s…show more content…
in economics from the University of Virginia, is a vice president for monetary studies, and editor of the Cato Journal has his own thoughts on the minimum wage as well. With Dorn being someone who studies the economy, he is prone to being asked about things that relate to job rates. James Dorn exhibits the values of skill, experience, and balance. In his argument James tends to steer towards the stasis point of quality. When talking about productivity in the workforce when it comes to wages, Dorn says "High wage rates are the result of high productivity, not the cause. Economic growth is not the result of high wages or the minimum wage; it is caused by factors that increase productivity” (Dorn The Minimum Wage Is Cruelest). James believes that the minimum wage has no effect on the level of productivity so therefore it can only hurt to raise the minimum wage. Dorn is more an economic realist and uses a lot of ideology when it comes to making his points. James gives his thoughts on what he thinks if the people who seem to ignore the obvious, by saying “The belief that increasing the minimum wage is socially beneficial is a delusion. It is short-sighted and ignores evident reality” (Dorn The Minimum Wage Delusion). James Dorn’s passion for the topic is well reflected in this direct quote because you can see the words that would lead one to think that he believes everyone is wrong and ignorant to the inevitable

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